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Our Work Promoting community Stability, Safety, Hope  &  a Peaceful place to called HOME .

Each year, around 20,000 single adults become Homeless and enter the DHS shelter system. More than 6000 of these individuals enter shelters came directly from the Institutional settings.


 Every American deserves a safe and affordable home and unlimited shelter

• Housing policy should be grounded in the principles of inclusion, participation, accountability, and non-discrimination

• Housing investments must prioritize those most in need, including women and children fleeing family violence; seniors; Indigenous peoples; people with disabilities; those dealing with mental health and addiction issues; veterans; and young adults

What we offer

1)Once we built this Facility, we want to provide free transportation to Doctor Appointment, Drug and Alcohol therapy, work, store, and back.

2) We will have career development staff to offering intensive job training assistance to homeless veterans, single mothers, young adults, and single Father to provide a better future for their baby or babies. And we also help with resume writing, Tutors help with homework assignments and study for a vital exam or test.

3) Everyone will meet with an in-house counselor once per month. Also, we do random peepee test. If someone found to be tested positive, that person most goes to intensive meet and drug and alcohol therapy sessions 3 times per week and will be monitoring his or her activity 24/7.      

                         Our mission is to make sure that everyone enters our Facility to gain peace, happiness, hope, love within themself and secure their future.

Real Talk
We understand that sometimes a homeless person can be very reluctant to leave the street. We create our facility different from the average across the globe because we believe everyone needs their place. Providing them single studio housing, which is about 200 square feet for two people, will be a permanent housing shelter free of charge based on funds' status. Our main goal is to provide permanent and affordable housing to all that can not pay high.

We want to provide Services for:

Youth, Low-income Individuals, Halfway home, Sober Living, Transitional Living facility, Group home re-entry homes for ex-offender, Substance Abuse recovery Individuals, and Shelters for Veterans, Single Father, Mother and illigal Aliens)



Housing programs should align with public investments in job creation, skills training, transit, early learning, healthcare, and cultural and recreational infrastructure. 

• Housing investments should support American's climate change plan and commitment to accessible communities

 • Communities should be empowered to develop and implement local solutions to housing challenges


Give back to the community today! We accept monetary and essential donations, such as clothing and feminine hygiene products.

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